Q. What kind of training do I need?
A. If your dog is displaying any of these behaviors, Jumping up at people/you, stealing food, destruction, running out of the door, excessive barking, aggression to humans or dogs– the list goes on … you need the in-home behavior modification training.  (3) One- two hours is usually sufficient to cure most problems (with some homework on your part for the following 2-3 weeks)

Q. Why is it that other trainers have told me I need between 5 and 10 sessions with them to fix a problem?
A. Because they are inexperienced or because they are “milking” you for money or a combination of both – I can teach a dog to search for explosives or narcotics in 10 sessions so I don’t know what they are doing with their (or more importantly YOUR time!). Remember I give YOU the tools to train your dog and while we train it together for the (3) One-two hours session at the end of our time you don’t need me anymore but remember if you do need me – you have a guarantee that lasts for the whole of your dog’s life!!

Q. So is it miracle training?
A. While it seems miraculous you have to play your part too, we provide the bricks and build the foundations and walls, if you don’t provide the mortar in the shape of homework and consistency, the walls will start to fall again. If however you stick to the simple homework for 3-4 weeks you’ll have a permanent structure that will last the years!

Q. How come you are so cheap? I always thought the more expensive the better and you get what you pay for?
A. Despite my market worth being around $100 per hour I am a firm believer that quality training should be available to all. This way I am able to make a difference to more people’s lives, more dogs get to keep their homes and my reputation spreads faster.   I work from Veterinarian referral and personal recommendations, we don’t advertise and we don’t solicit

Q. Do I need to do anything after you have gone?
A. Your “homework” is the key to your permanent success. Your dog needs consistency and repetition to imprint his or her brain with new skills and behavior patterns. If you do nothing after we leave your dog will typically revert to his or her former behaviors – remember we provide the bricks and the instruction manual – you provide the mortar .. and our guarantee provides the insurance.

Q. What methods do you use?
A. Whatever method is suitable for your dog, while I am not a huge user of treats for everything some dogs DO need them, no two dogs are the same and we need to work out what is best for you. Having said that I will never use a clicker as they were designed for Sea life.  I use an E-collar which is more humane and much quicker to fix any behavior issues.

Q. Can I do the behavior modification AND group training?
A. Yes of course and for some dogs the two together compliment each other perfectly.

Q. I have a puppy, what type of training should I undergo?
A. The simple answer is ideally both. The in-home session is like the instruction book for your new addition and the group training provides the confidence building, socialization and fun. If you invest early in your puppy’s life you will have a dog you can enjoy and be proud of for the next ten to fifteen years!

Q. What about the large stores offering training? Wouldn’t it be better to stick with a large chain store name – does that not give me more protection?
A. NO. The instructors there, while keen and often brimming with potential, have to stay within very strict guidelines for training set by the huge company. The Corporation does not want the trainer branching off on his or her own and so keep their knowledge base and operating practice to a bare minimum. Training areas in the stores are tiny and unrealistic and you will spend more time talking than “doing”. It is also designed to lure you into purchasing goods from the nearby shelves.

Q. Have you ever had a failure or come upon a dog you couldn’t fix?
A. No

Q. Are you like The dog whisperer?
A. Our philosophy on the importance of leadership is similar but I have my own methods based on my personal experience training and working dogs so our approach to problems may differ in some areas. I do produce the same instant results though. If I could sum up my methodology in 2 words it would be “Love” and “Leadership”

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